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We’ve teamed up with the wonderful design team at Opera
 to support their exciting (and upcoming) product launch. Join Vossier today and be notified when our collab is live*.

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*Our collaboration isn’t sponsored, we love what Opera’s doing with design in 2017 and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Your Visual Dossier

Free fortnightly design briefs, source files and feedback
 (on your work) delivered straight to your inbox.

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“UI design is tricky, but this has made the world of difference. I’m accountable, I get feedback and I build a portfolio. More than anything, it’s tons of fun.”

Tristain Graham
Tristain Graham
Head of Content, Torpedo Gaming

“Even though I’m not involved in the day-to-day design work, I’ve been desperate to learn UI design for a long time. Vossier was my saving grace.”

Joseph Sammells
Joseph Sammells
Account Director, Brotherhood Design

“I enjoy tinkering with design, and Vossier has helped me learn lots, in a short amount of time. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys interfaces”

Matt Sandrini
Matt Sandrini
Freelance Marketer and Coach

“Thanks to Vossier, I’ve managed to learn loads in my free-time and I now have an excuse to spend an evening a week in a coffee shop :D”

Jez Williams
Jez Williams
Freelance Designer & Developer

Briefs sent to your inbox

We curate and send you design briefs twice per month. They’ll be similar to what you’d get from a client and they’ll contain everything you need to create your designs.

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Get free source files

A week after you’ve received the brief, we’ll send you our handcrafted source files. They’re royalty free and yours to do whatever you like with, forever.

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Feedback and support

Every time we design a brief, we’ll post it in on Dribbble. Rebound our shots with your take on the brief, and we’ll send you comprehensive feedback for free.

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  • Is Vossier suitable for me?

    If you love beautiful design, want to improve your portfolio and love free stuff, then Vossier is definitely suitable for you.

  • What will I learn from this?

    How to be an incredible interface designer, how to work with clients and how to create awesome designs that make people smile.

  • What if I have 0 experience?

    It doesn’t matter, the idea is that you do your best. You can learn from our source files and our feedback too, experience is irrelevant.

  • How do you make money?

    Through sponsorship, our store and the support of the wonderful design community, but we’re love over money any day :D

  • How do I get feedback?

    Rebound any of our shots on Dribbble with your take on the brief. After that, we’ll give you comprehensive feedback in 72 hours (or less).

  • Who’s giving me feedback?

    The wonderful team at Mikleo looks through each (and every) Dribbble rebound, offering feedback and support.

  • Is there a deadline?

    Hell no, rebound any of our shots whenever you like and we’ll send you feedback. It doesn’t matter when that is, we’ll support you.

  • How do I cancel Vossier?

    If you’ve had your fun (or hate free stuff) then all you have to do is unsubscribe from our emails. It’s really that simple.