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“UI design is tricky, but this has made the world of difference.
 I’m accountable, I get feedback and I build a portfolio.
 More than anything, it’s tons of fun.”

Tristain Graham

Head of Content, Torpedo Gaming

Briefs sent to your inbox

We curate and send you a design brief twice per month. It’ll be similar to something you’d get from a client and it’ll contain everything you need to create your designs.

Create beautiful designs

Once we’ve sent you the brief, you’ve got 1 week to complete your designs and submit them for feedback. Briefs will usually ask for 2 app screens or 1 web screen.

Show your work

Submit your work as PNG’s or link us to your work on Dribbble or Behance. One week later, we’ll send feedback, along with our take on the brief and the source files.

“Even though I’m not involved in the day-to-day design work, I’ve been desperate to learn UI design for a long time. Vossier was my saving grace.”

Joseph Sammells

Account Director, Brotherhood Design

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Is Vossier suitable for me?

Of course, no matter what walk of life you’re from Vossier is designed to help you learn and to push you as a designer.

What if I have 0 experience?

Don’t worry, our briefs have tasks for beginners and seasoned pros too. Choose whichever you’d like to complete.

How do I submit my project?

All you need to do is reply to our email brief with your submission. It’s as simple as that, no complicated forms or logins.

I've missed the deadline.

No worries, these things happen. If you’re on the awesome plan, we’ll be happy to give you feedback in 7 days after any submission.

What will I learn from this?

A whole load of design based knowledge. Each brief will push you in a slightly different design related way.

Is payment secure?

All payment and accounts are managed using Gumroad. A platform trusted by some of the smartest people out there.

Who's giving me feedback?

The wonderful Mikleo team will personally look through each and every submission on the awesome plan, giving custom feedback.

How do I cancel?

If you’re on the free plan, you only need to unsubscribe from our emails. If you’re on the awesome plan, then login to cancel Vossier.

Need a hand with something else?

No problem, shoot us an email and we’ll get things sorted.

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